Moscow City Government Expositions Moscow City Government Expositions

As part of the Moscow Urban Forum 2015, which will be held on 16–17 October 2015 in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, a large-scale Moscow City Government exposition will be presented—an interactive exhibition area first of all oriented at the citizens and representing both implemented projects in the field of creation of a comfortable urban living conditions and projects which are being implemented or are planned to be implemented by 2015–2016.

Complexes of the Government of Moscow will represent the capital on their booths in accordance with the main trends of the programme "Moscow is a Liveable City":

  • A mobile city is creation of conditions for free, predictable, and comfortable travelling for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport passengers, and drivers across the city
  • A comfortable urban environment is improvement of quality of life for Muscovites. Balanced development of the public space, preservation of historical heritage, and improvement of exterior of Moscow
  • A new economy of Moscow is provision of sustainable growth of economy and Muscovites’' income. A favourable investment climate, innovative development, growth of labour productivity, improvement of industry performance of the city

The architectural model of the Moskva River, which will demonstrate the progress and layout programmes for embankments of the main waterway, will become the central exposition. The installation will be devoted to the major projects implemented nearby the Moskva River: Rublyovo-Arkhangelsk, the Western River Port, ZIL, Zaryadye, Nagatinskaya Poyma, Tushino, and others.

The interactive maps, the scale models, the 3D visualisations, and augmented reality will allow the visitors of the exhibition to familiarise themselves with the projects being implemented in Moscow, such as improvement of accessibility and comfort of the land transport, development of the railway, construction of roads and the Metro, provision of the residents of the city with comfortable and safe living conditions, development and improvement of natural areas, amenity planting, and ecological safety.

In addition, the partners of the forum will present their expositions: Bank of Moscow, Mosinzhproyekt, and others.