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Digest #18. What we will remember most from Moscow Urban Forum 2015


Press Release. Moscow Urban Forum Festival 2015 involves thousands of Muscovites


Press Release. The Festival of the Moscow Urban Forum 2015 Invites Moscow Residents to the Manege Central Exhibition Centre on 17 October


Press Release. Moscow Urban Forum 2015 Sums up the Results of Its Business Day


Press Release. Panel Discussion. Street - A Transit Area or a Social Life Space


Press Release. Panel Discussion. City in the internet - life online and offline


Press Release. Round Table. Changing Patterns of Transport Behaviour in a Modern Megacity


Press Release. Panel Discussion. Development Drivers of a Polycentric Urban Model


Press Release. Moscow's Experience in a Global Context. Goals and Priorities


Press Release. Moscow City Government Expositions


Press Release. The Moscow Urban Forum 2015 has opened in Moscow

Digest #17. MUF 2015 Agenda Highlights


Digest #16. Moscow Urban Forum Programme for 16–17 October 2015


Digest #15. Moscow as a dynamic megacity: flexible management practices



Post Release: IV Moscow Urban Forum Festival took place in Moscow


Press Release: Urban Talks presented at Moscow Urban Forum as a New Format for Expert Communication 


Press Release: The first book in the series "Moscow Urban Forum: An Urbanist's Library" 


Press Release: The festival of Fourth Moscow Urban Forum 


Press Release: The key takeaways of the Fourth Moscow Urban Forum 


Press Release: Session "New Moscow: How to Create a Complete Urban Environment"


Press Release: Plenary Session "Moscow’s Spatial Strategy: Principles and Opportunities"



Press Release: Plenary Session "Moscow’s Priorities for a New Stage of Development"


Press Release: Russian Cities Agenda: The Battle for Citizens


Press Release: Plenary session: Megacity Infrastructure and Redevelopment: New Technologies and Approaches


Press Release: Russian Regional Cities to Host a Second Series of Urban Conferences in 2015


Press Release: Conference: "Government and Citizens: Technologies of Collaboration"


Press Release: Opening Plenary Session: "Megacity and Nation: A Reciprocal Relationship for Development" 


Press release: The Fourth Moscow Urban Forum: Growth Catalysts and Best Practices of the World's Cities


Press release: A global study by the Moscow Urban Forum reveals the potential for cooperation between global cities and nation states


Press release: The Fourth Moscow Urban Forum Will Determine the Drivers of City Development


Press release: Moscow will take part in the World Cities Summit for the first time


Press release: Moscow Urban Forum Launches New All-Russia Project


Press release: Moscow Urban Forum presents the best cases and ideas at the Urban Agenda magazine


Press release: Between East and West: global ideas on developing city perithery. Speakers of Moscow Urban Forum


Press release: Ideas that can change the lives of megacities. Speakers of Moscow Urban Forum

Press release: The Moscow Urban Forum: ideas and experience from all over the world. Speakers of Moscow Urban Forum


 Best ideas in urban fringe development from around the world. Speakers of Moscow Urban Forum


Press release: The Moscow Urban Forum launches “Archeology of the Perithery” research

Press release: The programme of the Moscow Urban Forum has been compiled – focus on development of the perithery


Press release: On 7 December, as part of the Moscow Urban Forum, for the first time a city festival on urbanism will take place in Moscow


Press release: The World Bank has become a partner of the Moscow Urban Forum 2013


The Moscow Urban Forum presents the top 10 ten ideas submitted by residents during the “What Moscow Wants” project


On different sides of the Atlantic: what Moscow and Rio de Janeiro’s citizens want 


Moscow Urban Forum 2012 – the Results


2nd Moscow Urban Forum to be held in Moscow December 4-5th 2012


Global Solutions for Russian Cities, Moscow Urban Forum 2011

Press Release Opening Plenary Session: "Megacity and Nation: A Reciprocal Relationship for Development"